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Orebić is a port town and municipality in the Dubrovnik-Neretva county in Croatia. It is located on the Pelješac peninsula on the Dalmatian coast. 

About Orebić

Orebić  is a port town and municipality in the Dubrovnik-Neretva county in Croatia that is located on the Pelješac peninsula on the Dalmatian coast. Orebić is directly across a strait from the town of Korčula and is  located on the island of the same name. 

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Origin of the town Orebić
and history

It was named after the family who restored the castle inside the fortified settlement in 1586. In 1707, Emperor Joseph granted hereditary nobility to the Orebić family for their 70+ years of service in naval warfare and trade. The original Writ of Nobility is housed in the town’s Maritime museum with Croatian and Latin translations at the Franciscan Monastery. The document describes the sea captains colorful exploits in defending the Austro-Hungarian empire, Italy, and Spain against France and the Ottoman Empire. The family’s role in the Dalmatian salt trade brought wealth and distinction to Dalmatia. During the 19th century Orebić had 17 of the most important nautical captains in Austri-Hungary Empire.

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Tourism in Orebić

Tourism is one of the town’s main sources of income especially during the summer months. In the 1960s a large number of non-locals built homes for their summer holidays. In subsequent years tourists from other European countries have begun visiting. They were staying either in hotels or in the camp sites located around the town that also cater to camper vans. The town’s main beach is Trstenica. Many locals also rent out rooms or apartments during the high season.

The Franciscan monastery of Our Lady of Angels is a local attraction. Visit Mount of Saint Elijah  located behind the town which offers a view of the island of Korčula and the Adriatic Sea. There are many sign-posted hiking paths from Orebić and nearby villages that lead to the summit .

Historic sea captains homes line the waterfront illustrating the town’s heritage. Houses were built on a grand scale and set behind large gardens. Destination is ideal for people who love fine wine, gourmet food or beautiful scenery. Local wines Pošip and Plavac Mali are also made in the local winery.


Orebić is accessible by road and ferry. It is some 90 minutes drive from Dubrovnik and some 3–4 hours drive from Split. Both are accessed via the Adriatic Highway (European route E65) which is accessed via nearby Ston. The drive from Ston to Orebić passes some of Croatia’s largest vineyards including those at Potomje and Postup.

Servicies & facilities

Orebić has supermarkets, a medical and dental center, newsagents (also selling international newspapers), pharmacies, post office, bakeries, banks, hair salons, building providers, garden centers, bars and restaurants with the majority of services being located along the town’s main thoroughfare.

Things to do in Orebić

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Surfing & Wind-surfing

Surf on the waves of beautiful beaches in Orebić.

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Discover many cultural things Orebić has to offer to You.

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Discover mountain tops and amazing nature in Orebić.

*Usefull information

There are ferry connections to Korčula each day from Orebić. The car ferry deposits passengers some 3–4 kilometers from Korčula Town and, therefore, is not suitable for foot passengers. There is also a passenger ferry that deposits passengers directly in Korčula Town. Car ferry tickets must be purchased in advance of boarding the ferry at the Jadrolinija booth near to Splitska Banka. Tickets for the passenger ferry can be purchased when boarding the craft.

From Korčula, there are other ferry services including the main Rijeka-Split-Stari Grad (Hvar)-Korčula-Mljet-Dubrovnik-Bari ferry service operated by Jadrolinija. In addition, there are fast ferry services from Korčula to Dubrovnik and to Hvar Old Town-Split. 

Bus services operate from Orebić to Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb.

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